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37 Tweets That Mexicans Would Understand

On Wednesday night, the hashtag #MexicanProblemsNight was trending on Twitter. These were some of the photos posted.

Some of the relatable topics addressed during last night's hashtag party included:


1. That little white plastic spoon is absolutely essential.

#mexicanproblemsnight forgetting/losing your Duvalin spoon is the saddest thing

2. The equivalent of candy corn.

3. Opening up a De La Rosa Mazapan is an art form.


4. What's the difference between daytime and nighttime telenovelas? None.

If the first show you ever watched as a child was the daytime and nighttime novelas #mexicanproblemsnight

5. Are you pessimistic about life? Blame Silvia Pinal.

Reason why older Mexican women believe the worst will happen #mexicanproblemsnight


6. There is never a dull moment in the house.

#mexicanproblemsnight -Mom, I'm bored -You are bored? Limpia los frijoles

7. Your mom always found a way to put you in check, even in front of God.

White moms vs Mexican moms in Church #mexicanproblemsnight

8. Who needs a hospital when you got Vick's Vapor Rub?

9. Showing weakness in public is not an option.

10. Mexican moms are always right. ALWAYS.

#mexicanproblemsnight when my mom realizes I'm right but won't admit it so she just says

11. Mexican moms are always looking out after your diet.

12. Never ask this. ANYWHERE.

13. That moment when your siblings throw you under the bus.

Food storage:

14. Who needs Tupperware when you've got these?

15. And these.


16. These blankets were there for you from the very beginning.

“When you own multiple blankets with faces of animals on them #mexicanproblemsnight ” I have 2 on me right now


17. Sound it out.

Authentic Mexican cuisine:

18. Taco facts.

19. The curse of the little baby inside the rosca.

#mexicanproblemsnight getting hit bc you got one of these in your rosca

20. Your mom's cooking sometimes involved coughing and teary eyes.

21. The ultimate comfort drink.

#mexicanproblemsnight when I ask my mom for Starbucks but she says no bc we have

22. This recurring issue.

#mexicanproblemsnight when you leave the beans home cooking


23. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.

#mexicanproblemsnight this is the size of your family from only your dads side

24. Whenever Mexico scores in the World Cup.

#mexicanproblemsnight When you're watching soccer with your family and their team scores they be like "GOOOOAAAALLL"

25. Did someone say "party"?

26. After singing "Happy Birthday" and "Las Mañanitas," you knew what came next.


27. The original boy band.

#mexicanproblemsnight Juan Direction

28. The original Selena.

#mexicanproblemsnight When you say Selena, everyone thinks you're talking about Gomez but we're really talking about

29. You know the words to his songs, even if you don't listen to Chente.

30. This song will always be stuck in your head. FOREVER.

"@voguexpinosa: #mexicanproblemsnight " Omg

31. ZA ZA ZA.

White people:

32. SMDH.

When white people celebrate Cinco de Mayo #mexicanproblemsnight

33. There is always room for one more.

#Hispanicproblemsnight #Mexicanproblemsnight Americans vs. Mexicans


34. They're everywhere.

Having like 20 of these plates #mexicanproblemsnight

La chancla:

35. The nightmare.

#mexicanproblemsnight my biggest nightmare

36. Your parents' impressive aim.

#mexicanproblemsnight +Hija, ¿Puedes barrer? -No.

37. When our worst fears lie in anticipation.

#mexicanproblemsnight when your mom te amenaza con la chancla