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17 Creepy Videos That Will Send A Chill Down Your Spine

Turn off the lights and turn up the sound.

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1. I Feel Fantastic

The point of mannequins is that they don't move. When they start moving, it tends to cause nightmares. On top of that, the synthesizer music takes this to a whole new level of creepiness, and the Autotune singing will burn this video into your mind...forever.

2. Max Headroom

In 1987, an unknown individual hijacked broadcast signals from PBS-affiliate WTTW in Chicago, interrupting the broadcast of a Doctor Who episode. The interruption lasted 90 seconds and it showed a man wearing a Max Headroom mask and glasses, saying a bunch of nonsense. The video is freakishly eerie.

3. Mama Said

The worst kind of creepy is when it's based in reality. This short film depicts the harsh realities of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement by splicing up a recreation of a Shirelles performance with archival footage of police officers beating African-Americans. The scream at the end truly captures the fear and violence that sums up the more chaotic part of the '60s.

4. Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam was a 21-year-old Canadian student who was found dead in a water tank on top of the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. She had gone missing on February 1, 2013 and was not found until February 19, when occupants of the hotel began complaining about the water. The video above was taken the day she had gone missing. She displays some erratic behavior.

While the coroner's office ruled her death an accidental drowning, her case is still shrouded in mystery.


6. Forest Fire PSA

In this PSA, a woman tells us to be careful about lighting a match in the forest. Nothing too disturbing. But then, things take a really unexpected turn at the end when Smokey the Bear takes off the "woman" costume. It's straight out of a horror movie. It looks like someone skinned the woman alive and had Smokey the Bear wear the skin for the sake of — you know — forest fires.

7. Dining Room or There is Nothing

This video goes backwards and forwards, showing a pale woman uttering some gibberish in the beginning. She stares directly into the camera, and dumps her face into an empty bowl. This is a video that cannot be explained. There's no narrative or plot. But her chilling stare is the star of this video.

8. Weepy Voiced Killer

This video contains phone recordings from serial killer Paul Michael Stephani. He would place calls to 911 after murdering three of his victims in the early '80s, and was known for his high-pitched, weepy voice. In these recordings, Stephani claims responsibility over the death of Kimberly Compton, who he murdered with an ice pick. He's heard crying hysterically, constantly yelling, "I can't help myself." Stephani was caught in 1982 and died in 1998 while in prison.


9. Original Night Stalker Voice Recording

In the late '70s, "The Night Stalker," a serial killer who terrorized California from Sacramento to Irvine, would leave messages on his victim's answering machines. In one of the messages in the video, he is heard breathing loudly and whispering, "I'm gonna kill you... I'm gonna kill you... Bitch... Bitch..."

To this day, the identity of the "Night Stalker" remains unknown.

10. Suicide Mouse

This video features Mickey Mouse walking in what seems an endless loop. But as the video progresses, things get more and more...morbid. Mickey forms a creepy smile and his eyes go white, while the world around him falls apart. The horrifying screams in the background are the things that nightmares are made of.

12. Post Sugar Rice Krinkles commercial

It's easy to just put a clown in a video and call it creepy, but this 1960s commercial is beyond scary. They've chosen a clown so horrifying, so creepy, so unbelievably terrifying that this commercial is infamous for its scare factor. The clown from IT has absolutely nothing on this clown. And remember, this is a cereal commercial for kids.


13. Kerry's Alice Mask

There's something truly unsettling about seeing an expressionless face. In this video, we see Kerry wear a mask named Alice. She puts on a wig and proceeds to do some housework and drink some water. There's nothing unsettling about her actions, except for the fact that she's wearing an expressionless mask, which you can buy here.

14. Bananas Exploding On Face

I'm not sure what to think of this video. A guy blows up bananas on their face. The artsy side of me wants to say this is some interesting video art. The other side of me is swearing off bananas for awhile. Either way, the deadpan look on the person's face will send a tingle down my spine.

16. Shaving Cream Torture

There's something about the old VHS tape quality that adds to the creepy factor of this video. A man is trapped in a straitjacket and he's covered in shaving cream. He's got an 8-ball lodged in his mouth and his eyes are wide open, staring into oblivion.

17. My Carter Hotel Experience Part One and Two

This video is creepy but not for the reasons you think. There are no ghosts, no scare tactics, no surprise screams, or anything you find in a traditional "creepy" video. A woman explores the Hotel Carter on 43rd St. in New York City, infamous for its crimes and poor maintenance. In the first part, you get a bloody history of the hotel. In the second part, she attempts to stay the night at the hotel. What she finds is a little unsettling. Watch this in the dark and from beginning to end without skipping.