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    17 Creepy Videos That Will Send A Chill Down Your Spine

    Turn off the lights and turn up the sound.

    1. I Feel Fantastic

    2. Max Headroom

    3. Mama Said

    4. Elisa Lam

    5. Daddy Long Legs in a Tree

    6. Forest Fire PSA

    7. Dining Room or There is Nothing

    8. Weepy Voiced Killer

    9. Original Night Stalker Voice Recording

    10. Suicide Mouse

    11. Baby Laugh 'a' Lot

    12. Post Sugar Rice Krinkles commercial

    13. Kerry's Alice Mask

    14. Bananas Exploding On Face

    15. Late Night Suspicious Roadblock

    16. Shaving Cream Torture

    17. My Carter Hotel Experience Part One and Two