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    The Latest Piece Of Technology From Ikea Is Designed To Troll You

    This is definitely a page-turner.

    Ikea Chief Designer Guru Jörgen Eghammer introduced the world to Ikea's latest technological development and it's quite mind-blowing.

    It's apparently called a Bookbook™: a device containing preloaded high-res images that's lag-free and easily sharable.

    It's pretty much everything.

    It requires absolutely no cables whatsoever.

    Because cables suck.

    The battery life lasts forever.

    Yes. According to Eghammer, "the battery life is eternal."

    Even though the interface is 7.5 inches wide, it has the capability of expanding to 15 inches at any given moment.


    You navigate it by using your fingers, paralleling modern touch-screen technology.

    "Right to left to move forwards," says Eghammer in the video. "And left to right to move backwards."

    And, bookmarking is made easy by folding the interface inwards so upon re-opening the application, you'll easily find the content you've saved.

    Watch the video in its entirety here:

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