17 Ways Ryuko Matoi From "Kill La Kill" Proves She Is The Ultimate Heroine

Do not mess with a 17-year-old girl who talks to her clothes and yields a half-scissor as a sword.

This is Ryuko Matoi.

Shown here eating a lemon because that’s what she does.

She’s 17-years-old and seeks revenge for her father’s killer.

As most 17-year-olds do.

She enrolls in Honnouji Academy, an extremely powerful high school that rules over an entire city, where she hopes to find her father’s assassin.

Students fight to the death at this school, using superpowers acquired from “Goku Uniforms.”

Here are 17 times Ryuko Matoi displays absolute badassery:

1. When she opens a can of whoop ass on some would-be robbers and makes them humble.


2. Every time she busts out her half-scissor and uses it as a sword.


Her father’s killer took the other half.

3. When she defeats her enemies by literally beating them out of their clothes.


4. When she takes a vicious beating and refuses to go down.


5. When she enforces the limits of her personal space.


No means no. For real.

6. When she gets to class on time BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


7. That time she won at tennis.


8. The special bonding moments she has with her sailor outfit.


Senketsu is the name of the sailor outfit. It’s a “Kamui” that grants her superpowers. Ryuko is the only one who can communicate verbally with Senketsu. Oh, and it feeds on blood.

9. And, yes, the sailor outfit will stand up for Ryuko no matter what.


Name a Disney Princess who has such a badass outfit.

10. And when she rocks it, that’s when SHIT. GOES. DOWN.


11. When she opened up a “Fight Club” at school.


12. Her best friend is someone who is the exact opposite of her.


Mako is the ying to her yang… and a little hyper.

13. The time she turned into a demon protecting her best friend.


You do not mess with Ryuko’s one and only friend.

14. She’s part of a paramilitary group with the most badass name ever.


“Nudist Beach.”

15. Her arch-nemsis is just as badass as she is.


18-year-old Satsuki Kiryuin, Honnouji Academy student council leader, is absolutely vicious and has no time for petty fools. She also drinks lots of tea.

16. And when the two throw down in an epic sword fight…


Spectators are literally blown away.


17. If you get in Ryuko’s way, she won’t be afraid to break your face and strip you naked with her half-scissor.



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