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    23 Things Only Peruvians Would Understand

    Inca Kola for life.

    1. People who mistake you for being Mexican:

    2. You'll use "Ya" for all forms of communication:

    3. These homemade alfajores that are ridiculously good:

    4. These treats...

    5. ...that totally dominated...

    6. ...your childhood:

    7. You can't get enough of Inca Kola:

    8. Or Chicha Limeña:

    chrisurxchuman / Via

    9. Or this beverage that's better than Kool-Aid:

    10. You don't need to go to the hospital because you had this:

    11. You'll have unlimited Panetón throughout the holiday season:

    anarebeca0110 / Via

    12. Before there was McDonald's, you'd go to Bembos:

    katstanden / Via

    13. You cannot resist a hot plate of salchipapa:

    panchodel8 / Via

    14. Or some ceviche that's so good it'll make you cry:

    nencyh / Via

    15. You can always smell your mom cooking lomo saltado from a mile away:

    16. Absolutely NO ONE cooks like your Peruvian mom:

    17. Pataclaun knew how to rock red noses:

    18. You can't get this voice out of your head:

    19. And your mom couldn't get enough of la señorita Laura because she always knew how to solve people's marital problems:

    20. You can hear your mom screaming at you through text:

    21. You played with el trompo before there was a Wii:

    22. And finally, when you meet a fellow Peruvian and you instantly become homies for life.

    genderfvck__lvd / Via

    23. Because there's nothing better in this life than being Peruvian:

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