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    23 Things People Who Don't Have A Car In Los Angeles Would Understand

    I love my TAP card.

    Let's be real: L.A. is a car-centric city. There's no denying that. It's really helpful to have a car to get around this super spread out city.

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    Try getting from East L.A. to Beverly Hills on public transportation. FML.

    Here are some things people who don't have a car in L.A. will understand. Some are good, some are bad, all are true:

    1. The awesome perk of not having to pay for gas.

    2. The joy of not having to pay for car insurance.

    3. The incredible feeling of NOT going to the DMV.

    License plate tags? GTFO, DMV. I take the bus.

    4. The burn you'll feel after walking several blocks to your bus stop.

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    In L.A., one block = one mile.

    5. The realization that you probably need to buy better walking shoes.

    6. The great feeling you'll have of only paying $75 for a monthly TAP card.

    Take that $112 MetroCard (Sorry New Yorkers, but not sorry).

    7. The glory that is the brand new Expo Line.

    A train that goes from Downtown L.A. to the Santa Monica beach. Even though it's still under construction and only goes to Culver City, it'll be awesome to finally get drunk at the beach.

    8. The realization that the Metro bus is actually a moving video art gallery.

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    That's right. If you ever look up from your phones and watch TransitTV, there's some pretty cool video art happening on the bus thanks to Freewaves.

    9. The freedom to drink as much as you want without having to worry about driving.

    And while we're at it...

    10. The freedom to smoke all the OG Kush from L.A.'s finest dispensaries without having to worry about driving.

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    With a legal medical card... of course...

    11. That moment when you have the power to turn rush hour into nap hour.


    If you're on a bus traveling on the 405 on a Friday afternoon around 5:00 p.m., sleep. You're not the one driving.

    12. Trying out some awesome street food while you wait for your bus.

    MacArthur Park has some great rice tamales, pupusas and churros, homemade and straight out of a cooler that keeps them warm and fresh. And there are always taco trucks.

    13. The quality time you'll spend with those cool enough to offer you a ride.


    14. Your hate for Beverly Hills for not having decent public transportation routes.

    15. The happiness of seeing a big red bus approaching.

    Metro Rapid line. You'll get to wherever you need to go like five or six minutes early.

    16. The smirk you'll have on your face when you see a big orange bus approaching.

    Metro Local line. You'll get to wherever you need to go on time or five minutes late.

    17. The death stare you'll have at the sight of a big yellow school bus.

    School buses do nothing for the L.A. bus rider except deliver false hope.

    18. If you commute from Long Beach to Downtown L.A. on the Blue Line, you've got all the time in the world.

    Seriously. You can probably read an entire novel in one sitting.

    19. You'll always remember the time you thought the subway in L.A. was free because the turnstiles did absolutely nothing.

    "Wait, you can get on the train without paying? AWESOME!"

    20. You'll always get nervous when cops randomly check out your TAP card on the train.

    "Oh, I probably should've paid."

    21. The horror of the bright neon green bike paths.

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    The color is... interesting.

    22. The fear of seeing your bike fall off the bike rack that's in front of the bus.

    23. When you don't have to drive, you can GET. SHIT. DONE.

    So, maybe you think you need a car.

    But ask yourself this: Does L.A. really need another car on the street?