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23 Things People Who Don't Have A Car In Los Angeles Would Understand

I love my TAP card.

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Let's be real: L.A. is a car-centric city. There's no denying that. It's really helpful to have a car to get around this super spread out city.

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Try getting from East L.A. to Beverly Hills on public transportation. FML.

Here are some things people who don't have a car in L.A. will understand. Some are good, some are bad, all are true:


7. The glory that is the brand new Expo Line.

A train that goes from Downtown L.A. to the Santa Monica beach. Even though it's still under construction and only goes to Culver City, it'll be awesome to finally get drunk at the beach.

8. The realization that the Metro bus is actually a moving video art gallery.

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That's right. If you ever look up from your phones and watch TransitTV, there's some pretty cool video art happening on the bus thanks to Freewaves.


12. Trying out some awesome street food while you wait for your bus.

MacArthur Park has some great rice tamales, pupusas and churros, homemade and straight out of a cooler that keeps them warm and fresh. And there are always taco trucks.