The Arrest Of A Drug Kingpin Caused A Twitter Firestorm

Whether these are sarcastic or real, #FreeElChapo was indeed a thing.

1. Early Saturday morning, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the world’s most-wanted drug lord, was arrested by Mexican authorities.

Henry Romero / Reuters

2. The news quickly set off a Twitter storm with people using the hashtag #FreeElChapo to express their feelings about the breaking news.

Some paid their respects to the arrested Sinaloa drug cartel leader.

We ain't on El Chapo's dick, we just respecting his hustle. #FreeElChapo

— % (@IAmVinciJB)

Others were saddened by the news.

I probably just woke up to the worst news! #FreeElChapo

— Hernan_ (@PerezHernan_x)

Ya agarraron al chapo mi vida no tiene sentido ya #freeelchapoguzman

— barry allen (@YUNYUN0)

my heart is seriously broken. #Freeelchapoguzman

— Tiare  (@uyy_tiare)

Sad day for us Mexicans they finally caught the big boss ! #FreeElChapoGuzman

— The G Montoya™ (@gmontoya25)

There are those who believe he helped make Mexico a better place.

But a lot of people fail to realize that El Chapo helped Mexico more than their Government #FreeElChapoGuzman

— 10-6_Dubworld (@_XII_XVI_XII)

Can't believe El Chapo Guzman got caught today In a way he was like the Mexican Robinhood #FreeElChapoGuzman

— Jessicca Melchor (@jessicca98)

I'm so fucking pissed offfffff #FreeElChapoGuzman he's the reason that Mexico was getting better.

— Jackie (@JackiePeezy)

El Chapo helped alot of poeple you dumb ass piece of shit. La gente lo queria y por eso nadien lo entrego en 13 años #FreeElChapo

— Mariela . (@Maye_Marieliya)

Dumb ass people who think El chapo should stay locked up. You obviously don't know the moral of his story and shit he does. #FreeElChapo

— jaaylo♡ (@_jaaylo_)

While others proclaim El Chapo’s innocence.

All the Mexicans are devastated because El Chapo got arrested. #FreeElChapoGuzman #HeAintDoNothing #HesInnocent #HeWasChilling

— February 24th (@ChavezBeast)

#FreeElChapoGuzman ✊ he ain't done shit !

— Princess Destiny ♚ (@Destuuuhknee)

El chapo shouldn't be punished in my opinion. #FreeElChapoGuzman

— CINDY . (@ofwgxoxo)

El chapo is a very nice guy, but the Fed don't understand that! #FreeElChapo

— Saoirse Hardunkichud (@MooseAlexander)

Some expressed their anger toward Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and the law enforcement officials who carried out the arrest.

President Pe༚ Nieto your days are counted. I hope they torture you first & make you squeal like the pig you are. #ElChapo #FreeElChapo

— Brown Crowd Locos (@JohnnyRosete)

Fuck the Feds, #FreeElChapoGuzman

— MurDer_Ma$e (@R3Y2459)

Cops are worthless pieces of shits #FreeElChapoGuzman

— $ money $ (@fluffypoptarts)

Polices fuking up they arrested my idol #elchapo #FreeElChapo #FreeElChapoGuzman

— baldo dominguez (@obey_baldo_)

I dont think Usa Know What They Got Themself Into #freeelchapoguzman

— shortii01 (@lashortii1001)

While others feel he’ll get out in no time.

#FreeElChapo boss man will be out . It won't stop him from makin moves

— El Randi (@ranferii)

Even if they caught El Chapo Guzman it won't take long before he's out! #FreeElChapo

— @Silvestre93 (@silbenitez93)

El Chapo Escaped A High Security Prison Once.. I'm Pretty Sure He Can Escape AGAIN! #FreeElChapo

— Miguel Gallaga (@EskittlesMATTON)

#FreeElChapo You know that he will escape at some point!! #FreeElChapo You my hero!!! #ElChapoGuzman

— Stephanie Escamilla (@StephanieEscam2)

And finally, there are those who disagree with the use of #FreeElChapo.

Gets under my skin how ya'll are saying #FreeElChapoGuzman while he killed soooooooo many fucking people. SMFH.

— MIRIAM. (@jmiriam54)

If you saying #FreeElChapoGuzman you might as well be saying #RIPHitler

— $creech (@KingDaequan)

#FreeElChapo might be one of the dumbest hashtags I've ever seen. The ignorance of people never fails to surprise me

— David Calvert (@davidc0041)

*Worlds most wanted drug lord was captured* *people respond with #FreeElChapo and #FreeElChapoGuzman* This is our generation, Congrats!

— Mexican Parents (@MXParents)

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