32 Sweet Mexican Treats That You Might Have Forgotten About

Brace yourself for the ultimate sugar rush.

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Drinks that encapsulate your Mexican childhood:

Snack cakes you begged your mom for at el mercadito:

9. Conchitas always came in two flavors: Chocolate and vanilla, even though they didn't taste anything like chocolate or vanilla. It just tasted awesome.

12. This box contained the very best Gamesa cookies. If you had a big family, these would be gone in seconds.

15. If you were well-behaved, your mom would serve these up for dessert. It might not look like much, but who knew vanilla-flavored cupcakes (sans icing) could taste so friggin' good!

16. There were the classic buñuelos, which your aunts made every Christmas. Slamming that dough was always a workout and not an option.


Cinnamon and sugar on top of a crispy snack. Some people like them thick and soft, but everyone knows thin and crispy is the way to go.

Candies that will take you back to birthday parties, baptisms and rosarios:

21. You'll always remember your first introduction to acid reflux.


Salt and lemon. That's it. Afterward, your molars would be too sensitive to eat anything crunchy. It's quite torturous now that I think of it.