32 Sweet Mexican Treats That You Might Have Forgotten About

    Brace yourself for the ultimate sugar rush.

    Drinks that encapsulate your Mexican childhood:

    1. Before there was Fanta, there was the classic, colorful, and delicious taste of a bomb ass Jarritos.

    2. Before there was Martinellis, there was Sidral Mundet.

    3. Sangria Señoral was your first introduction to grape soda.

    4. To open a can of Jumex, you had to bite on the aluminum slip on the top and slowly peel it off. If you did it right, your lower lip would get sucked into the opening.

    5. Your mom bought Tampico because Sunny D was just too damn expensive.

    6. Before there was a bunny drinking chocolate milk through a red and white swirly straw, there was Pancho Pantera.

    7. Instant hot chocolate pales to the taste of Abuelita.

    8. Aguas frescas served in a styrofoam cup will always be a throwback to Sunday outings after misa.

    Snack cakes you begged your mom for at el mercadito:

    9. Conchitas always came in two flavors: Chocolate and vanilla, even though they didn't taste anything like chocolate or vanilla. It just tasted awesome.

    10. As a kid, who needed Twinkies when you had these?

    11. But if you were craving something Twinkie-like, there was always Submarinos.

    12. This box contained the very best Gamesa cookies. If you had a big family, these would be gone in seconds.

    13. There is absolutely nothing like a soft and chewy Barrita. Nothing. It's one of kind.

    14. Bimbuñuelos were awesome by themselves. But if you wanted to take it to the next level, you had to break them into pieces, put them in a bowl, and shower them in milk.


    15. If you were well-behaved, your mom would serve these up for dessert. It might not look like much, but who knew vanilla-flavored cupcakes (sans icing) could taste so friggin' good!

    16. There were the classic buñuelos, which your aunts made every Christmas. Slamming that dough was always a workout and not an option.

    Candies that will take you back to birthday parties, baptisms and rosarios:

    17. You'll always remember the incredible difficulty of opening a Mazapán without breaking it.

    18. These lollipops packed a powerful spicy and sour punch in the beginning, but the more you licked it, the sweeter it tasted.

    19. The proper way to eat some Lucas is to pour the "chili candy" on your hand and lick it clean. There's no classy way to eat these.

    20. If you got these in your colacion, you were king.

    21. You'll always remember your first introduction to acid reflux.

    22. Probably not the best candy to eat if you're a coulrophobiac.


    23. Before everybody was going crazy over Nutella, there was Duvalin. Only difference is that Duvalin is better.

    24. Try saying Bubulubu fast three times.

    25. Yes. Portico was essentially nothing but sugar and hot chili powder. Somebody went to town with these chili and sugar combinations.

    26. You'll always remember when your mom forced you to try one of these camotes.

    Are those bells I hear? Yes, it is! It's the paletero! OMG!!!!

    27. The ultimate summer popsicle is made out of tamarind, chili, and cucumber. It's pretty much everything.

    28. Yes. Cactus popsicle. It's a thing. It's brilliant.

    29. BUBBLE. GUM. PALETA. That's what's up.

    30. Mango chile popsicle? YES, PLEASE!

    31. You'd be surprised how incredible guava popsicles are.

    32. Whoever thought that Lucas would make for a great popsicle is a genius.