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This Art On The US/Mexico Border Is Definitely Going To Make You Feel Some Things

"We forgot the wall for a minute."

On Monday, French artist JR revealed his latest art installation titled The Giant Picnic at the US/Mexico border near Tecate, Baja California. And, well, it's eye-opening:

"People eating the same food, sharing the same water, enjoying the same music (half of the band on each side), around the eye of a dreamer," JR said about the installation on his Instagram. "We forgot the wall for a minute..."

The Giant Picnic is JR's second border-based art piece. Back in September, he made headlines thanks to his art piece titled Kikito — a 70-foot tall photograph of a young child overlooking the border.

JR's newest artwork comes a month after the Trump administration rescinded DACA— the program that shielded 800,000 undocumented immigrants, who came to the US as children, from deportation.

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