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    22 Things Only People Who Shop At Daiso Will Understand


    1. You can't help but be lured by the magical aura of this beautiful neon sign.

    2. You'll always be overwhelmed by cute animals on literally everything.

    3. Everything is cheap AF, so you'll end up buying the entire store for $100.

    4. You'll have the urge to buy ALL THE POCKY.

    5. You will find all the washi tape you'll ever need in your lifetime.

    6. It's pretty much a guarantee that you will take home more than a few cute ceramic animals.

    7. You won't be able to leave the store without at least 20 facemasks.

    8. You will become obsessed with needle felting after coming across these adorable kits.

    9. You'll find everything you need to keep your makeup game on point.

    10. You'll always come across items that are so useful it's mind-blowing...

    11. ...and you'll always come across truly pointless items, but you'll buy them anyway because THEY'RE SOOO CUUUUUTE!!!!

    12. Even if you're not in middle school, you'll buy all the stationery because it's simply adorable.

    13. You'll be charmed by mundane objects turned into tiny erasers.

    14. Even if you don't buy anything (impossible), you just want to browse the aisles because they're so freakishly beautiful.

    15. You will turn your boring keys into cute adorable animals.

    16. Sometimes you won't know exactly what you're looking at but you'll buy it anyway because ~CUUUUUUTE~.

    17. You will be tempted by Daiso's colorful, plastic kitchenware and will want to buy the entire kitchen aisle.

    18. You'll feel like you're being stared at because everything has a face on it.


    20. Somehow, you're still surprised at how Daiso takes something boring and turns it into an adorable piece of art.

    21. There always seems to be unlimited amounts of Hi-Chew.

    22. And finally, you will never actually know why this piece of foam is so angry.