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21 Photos That Are Way Too Real For Salvadorans

Salvis...where you at?

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1. When people think you're straight-up Mexican:

viarro22 / Via

2. When every 5th of May, you got people telling you this:

3. When you come across these treats made by heavenly angels:

85bperez / Via

4. When there was a machete tucked away in your house but you never questioned why:


5. When you're craving some PIKSA:

d__a__m / Via

6. Whenever you had family members come back from El Salvador with this:

pupusaprincess / Via


estella1130 / Via

8. When your mom had the perfect remedy for any illness:

christheyank / Via

9. And if vaporu didn't work, you always had "¡BRINCA! ¡BRINCA!":

joshycarias / Via

10. When your mom would make some bomb-ass tamales:

guille_m28 / Via

11. When you'd put this crema on literally anything:

josizzles / Via

12. When you had to drink the finest champagne in the world:

eag714 / Via

13. When you ate the greatest dish known to man:

laninalapintalasantamaria / Via

14. And it would help you with your dating life:

20th Century Fox/ djchespi / Via

15. And you'd look crazy romantic eating them like this:

salvipride_503official / Via

16. When people talk about quesadillas but you're thinking about this:

shazzamgio / Via

17. When your family gathering has a sequel:

faustinomarco / Via

18. Your parents probably owned an album with this romantic's face on it:

19. When you go through this unbelievably awkward moment:

20. When you gotta get the party started:

cyndi_lucia / Via

21. And finally, no matter where you go in life, you'll always be proud to be Salvadoran and you wouldn't have it any other way:

escothegreat / Via

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