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    28 Rules To Be The Quintessential Mexican Charro

    Charro n. 1. Mexican cowboy, typically one in elaborate traditional dress. 2. Badass.

    1. You do not simply become a charro. You are born one.

    2. You must learn to love your horse. You are nothing without your horse.

    3. You must develop swagger at an early age.

    4. Your relationship with your father is EXTREMELY important.

    5. You will kiss your father's hand out of respect.

    6. You will not drink in front of your father.

    7. You will not smoke in front of your father.

    8. You will love your father whether he loves you or not.

    9. But it's your mother who's REALLY frightening.

    10. As you grow up, you will look more like this.

    11. Women will love you.

    12. Men will want to be you.

    13. Others will be envious of your ridiculous good looks.

    14. If you must, settle your differences like men with a mariachi sing-off.

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    15. An old fashioned throwdown works, too.

    16. You will fall in love.

    17. You will be expected to perform a serenade.

    18. Bonus points if you can perform while mounted on a dancing horse.

    19. And this is how you'll picture the rest of your life.

    20. But heartbreak is also inevitable.

    21. It's OK to cry...

    22. ...but only for the woman who broke your heart.

    23. You can always count on your friends to make you feel better with the power of mariachi.

    24. It's OK to drink beer...

    25. ...but tequila should be your primary choice.

    26. As you get older, you will spend more time with your horses.

    27. And even though you aren't a young man anymore...'ll still look like a badass.

    28. If you follow these rules, you will live a long and happy charro life.