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27 GIFs That Prove Guys Getting Hit In The Balls Will Always Be Hilarious

Because... balls.

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1. This dude who performed a skateboard trick and totally nailed it:

2. This poor kid who put himself in the wrong position:

3. This goalie who was taken out by a puck:

4. This dude who learned to never stand behind a swing:

5. This guy who suffered the wrath of a baseball:

6. This guy who knew how to time things perfectly:

7. This guy who discovered the power of karma:


9. This dad who learned the downside of fatherhood:

10. This dude who got hammered:

11. This guy who fell for this booby trap:

12. This dude who never saw it coming:

13. This dude who got an unexpected surprise:

14. This dude who tried jumping over a pool:

15. This guy who got hit with a double whammy:

16. This guy who has the worst luck in the world:

And that woman, too.

17. This dude who stood in the wrong place at the wrong time:

18. This guy who couldn't keep his balance:

19. This guy who went down HARD:

20. This skater who got stopped by a telephone pole:


22. This unicycle rider:

23. This kid learned that racquetball is an extreme sport:

24. This skater who had an interesting reaction to getting hit in the balls with his own skateboard:

25. This... head-butt:

26. This player who did his best to stop a goal and failed... miserably:

27. And finally, this dude who wasn't paying attention:


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