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    Posted on Nov 25, 2014

    28 People Who Looked Death In The Face And Were Like "BYE, FELICIA!"

    Some people are just... lucky.

    1. This driver who had quite a rocky day:

    2. This dude who narrowly escaped the jaws of death:

    3. This dude who avoided getting crushed by three trucks at a gas station:

    4. This dude who thought he was out on a leisurely stroll:

    5. This race car driver who had a chip on his shoulder:

    6. This girl who almost took the WORST. INSTAGRAM. EVER:

    The train missed her head by inches.

    7. This truck driver who saved himself and his sweatshirt:

    8. This girl who clearly didn't look both ways:

    9. This dude who had A LOT to complain about:

    10. This diver who was almost eaten alive:

    11. This photographer who kept doing his job like a damn professional:

    12. This surfer who narrowly missed a wipeout:

    13. This driver who kissed the side of a trailer:

    14. This player who caught death with a baseball glove:


    No one got hit. Miraculously.

    16. This dude who DID NOT get his head kicked off by a parachuter:

    17. This kid who almost bailed on life by not looking out:

    18. This driver who literally never saw this coming:

    19. These dudes who managed to escape an epic mudslide just in time.

    20. This snowmobiler who stopped short from falling off a cliff:

    21. This biker who almost lost his leg:

    22. This lady who barely escaped the wrath of this falling tree:

    23. This camera dude who kept shooting until the very last minute:

    24. This kid who did NOT end up in the ambulance:

    25. ...Or this lady:

    26. These guys who were like, "Yo! Lightning won't hit us... OH MY GOD!"

    27. This guy who CLEARLY got to work on time:

    28. And finally, this lady who had the most incredible close call ever:

    Yo, Death...


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