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28 Guys Who Seriously Need To Be Banned From Flirting


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1. This dude who's looking to keep your ego in check:

2. This dude who tries taking it to the next level a bit too quickly:

3. This dude who needs to stop telling people about his "sexual dreams":

4. This guy who just doesn't want to disappoint:

5. This lad who just changed his profile pic on Facebook:

6. This dude who wants to make sure "he has enough time" for her:

7. Darren:

8. Alan:

9. This dude who likes to kill 31 birds with one stone:

10. This guy with a great sense of humor:

11. This guy who's already claimed his "soon to be gf":

12. This guy who just likes being friendly:

13. This dude who's ready to kill... jk...:

14. The music expert:

15. "Blocked for life":

16. This dude who just got rekt by his own momma:

17. This dude with the "best cousin ever":

18. This dad who just wants to help out a homie:

19. This Romeo who got a false start:

20. Same with this guy:

21. This guy who's just... wonderin:


23. This dude who doesn't get the meaning of friendship:

24. This dude whose friend is a stand up guy:

25. This dude who's worried about other men:

26. This guy who delivered this mind-blowing pick-up line:

27. This dude with the classic "accidental" dick pic:

28. And finally, Aaron Carter:

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