24 Oddly Satisfying Food GIFs That Will Make You Incredibly Hungry

    "Mmmmmmmmm..." –You.

    1. The way this kernel majestically pops into popcorn.

    2. This dude who's probably the luckiest person in the world.

    3. The way this spatula scrapes between the cream and the ice-cold surface to form some lovely ice cream rolls.

    4. This man is not worried about chopping off his fingers.

    5. The way this bread rises like lava rising out of a volcano.

    6. This lady who knows how to slice and dice a pineapple like a boss.

    7. This dude who flips pancakes faster than the speed of light.

    8. The way this waxing paper is pulled from underneath this heavily iced cake.

    9. This man dancing around while making some tea.

    10. The way this hot, steamy cheese is scraped onto some freshly toasted bread.

    11. This homie who knows that when it comes to naan, there is not a single second to spare.

    12. The way this spatula moves around this cake batter topped with crushed pistachios.

    13. This blade cutting through EVERYTHING.

    14. Factory pancakes... *drool*.

    15. The way this machine dispenses sauce to make a Costco pizza.

    16. The way this bread expands oh-so-beautifully.

    17. The master cake decorator who's going to work on this cake.

    18. Or just buy a machine that will decorate a cake for you.

    19. Spinning cakes are the best cakes.

    20. The way this vanilla ice cream melts in a lake of blue glitter.

    21. These Krispy Kreme donuts being made by a machine.

    22. This machine making some giant waffle cones.

    23. This glorious pizza being torn apart by a pack of wild animals:

    24. And finally, this spoon gently cracking the surface of this creme brûlée over and over and over and over...