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    28 Photos That Are Way Too Real For Dominicans

    Quisqueyanos...where you at?

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    1. When your entire diet consists of mangu, mangu, and more mangu:

    Katherine Mendoza / Via Twitter: @Justmangupics

    2. When you go to the bodega with your mom and she lies to you:

    3. When your mom hears you curse and proceeds to curse you out:

    dominicansbelikee / Via

    4. When your mom gives you that face that lets you know you've truly messed up:

    raymond__fajardo / Via

    5. When your people treat your concon as if it were burnt rice:

    abencoadaaa / Via

    6. When you come across a crate full of nísperos and it reminds you of home:

    paopaokat / Via

    7. When you're talking at a calm, normal volume but everybody else is complaining about how loud you are:

    Via ESPN

    8. When you don't have a hookah, so you gotta make one out of a coffee maker:

    princefiorentino / Via

    9. Seriously though, you take hookahs mad seriously:

    @Nikki305Tv / Via Twitter: @Nikki305Tv

    10. When your mom's attitude goes from zero to 60 real quick:

    _nyret / Via

    11. When you got that one cousin who goes out like this all the time:

    12. When you come across the ultimate love platter:

    13. When you hear "coño" so much it's become part of your vocabulary:

    14. When it's Friday and you remind yourself that HOY SE BEBE:

    teamdominican / Via

    15. When you're at the club and then the DJ starts playing Anthony Santos...

    16. ...and then you find your soulmate...

    Via Funimation

    17. ...and then the bachata gets a little too real:

    18. When Christmas comes early and you have all the platanos at your disposal:

    19. When you got those cousins back home who think you got it easy:

    angelmzeus / Via

    20. When you meet somebody who is also Dominican:

    scarletyourlove / Via

    21. Vivaporru will always cure everything:

    Via Twitter: @carelessval


    22. When people confuse you for being Puerto Rican:

    23. When you absolutely, positively, gotta eat a mango:

    24. Every time you heard this man on a Saturday morning, it meant it was time to do house chores:

    Via Ariola Records

    25. When it's cold as hell and your mom wraps you up like this:

    26. But you'll always have a spot to put your coo:

    27. When you got that one cousin who thinks you live in Nueva York:

    28. But no matter what quirks your family and friends may have, you'll ALWAYS be a proud Dominican and you wouldn't have it any other way.

    maxirod / Via

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