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23 Soccer Players Who Forgot How To Human

Break a leg, everybody!

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1. This player who clearly got flicked in the ear:

BBC Sport/

2. This dude who clearly got smacked in the face:


3. This guy who was viciously tripped in the PK area.

4. This guy who was headbutted in the face by a savage criminal:

5. This guy who suffered a terrifying ambush:

6. This guy who got KTFO:

7. These guys who suffered a bloody head-on collision:


8. This guy who went out screaming in pain:

9. This guy who was mercilessly beaten in the face:

10. This player who was knocked out of orbit:


11. This goalkeeper whose face was clearly stepped on by a sociopath:

12. This player who was kicked so hard in the shin he went airborne:

13. This man who got his legs knocked from underneath him by an evil goalkeeper:

14. This dude who was clearly assaulted:


15. This guy who pretty much got his nose blown right off his face:

16. This guy who got viciously powerbombed in the middle of a game:

17. This guy who almost lost a leg from a dirty tackle:

18. This player who was karate swept into next week:

19. This guy who got kicked so hard it sent him rolling backwards:


20. This poor soul who plopped to the ground after being karate chopped in the neck:

Canal +/

21. This guy who got fouled so bad he got possessed by a demon:

22. This guy who succumbed to the legendary one-inch punch.

23. And finally, these fools trying to out-victim each other:

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