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19 Thoughts I Had About The Batshit Insane "Lucha Underground" Trailer

Pro wrestling, nun-chucks, motorcycles, war zones, Iron Man, lowriders and...Rey Mysterio?

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So, Lucha Underground, the hottest wrestling show on TV, just dropped the trailer for Season 2:

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3. So, what's the story here? Did Matt Striker drive to the desert to pick up Vampiro and then put the tarp over the car? Is Striker driving? Are they just gonna leave the tarp on the ground or are they gonna fold it up properly and put it in the trunk?

5. But here we see Son of Havoc and Ivelisse standing with only one bike. I'm assuming Ivelisse doesn't have her own ride? Does she own a car? Did she park it elsewhere? Did she ride the bus?


14. Apparently, the Lucha Temple has tons of punching bags lying around because Prince Puma just keeps punching holes in them. You'd figure they'd be like, "Yo, homie. Can you like not keep wrecking our shit up? Kthanksbye."

15. Just when you think Dario Cueto couldn't look more dapper AF, they do this epic shot of him. Fuck the Dos Equis dude. This guy is the most interesting man in the world.


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