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29 Little Things You'll Understand If You Had A Latino Childhood

Who remembers "Inglés Sin Barreras"?

1. When your mom packed snacks for Disneyland:

2. When she'd make you the best meal ever:

3. When your parents were nice enough to give you a choice:

4. When your uncle bought "Inglés sin Barreras" but they never got through it:

5. When you were hungry and had to cook for yourself:

6. When winter had arrived:

7. When you didn't get any appreciation for your hard labor:

8. When your mom made some ~serious~ threats:

9. When you had healthcare:

10. When you saw this on the comal:

11. And when your mom had chisme time at the store:

12. When you said you were bored:

13. When you needed to smell so fresh and so clean:

14. When you played with these magnets:

15. When you'd always be looking out for this dude...

...or this dude:

16. When your mom bent the rules of time:

17. For some reason, you had a carniceria calendar or a painting of this in the house:

18. When you came home from school and your mom was watching this show:

19. And she watched this show on Saturdays...

...where this dude popped out:

20. When you didn't do the dishes properly:

21. When you wanted to go out with your friends:

22. When the bouncy house became a horror house:

23. When your white friends just didn't get it:

24. When you had this shouting match:

25. When you saw Jesus:

26. When your mom decked out the toilet:

27. When your abuelita rocked one of these:

28. When your little cousins came over:

29. But no matter what, these moments made you the person you are today: