21 Life Lessons We Learned From "Caso Cerrado"

    It's like Judge Judy only better.

    Caso Cerrado is a hit television courtroom show on Telemundo. Dr. Ana María Polo is a badass judge who decides the outcome of some insane cases.

    She also sings her own theme song.

    Over the years, despite the show's outlandish style, we have learned some valuable life lessons:

    1. Never interrupt people while they're on the phone.

    2. Do not keep water in a place where it could potentially spill.

    3. People will judge you for wearing a really ugly T-shirt.

    4. You can't always impress people with your magnificent displays of strength.

    5. Sometimes, things have to be explained to adults as if they are children.

    6. It's OK to be startled, even if you are a badass.

    7. Sometimes, you just have to get off the bench and go on the offensive.

    8. Don't piss off someone who uses a cane.

    9. You'll never understand why couples do the things they do.

    10. Life hack: Buy a wig if you're prone to throwdowns. That way, you won't mess up your real hair.

    11. But it's probably best not to fight while pregnant.

    12. Always be prepared for a ninja attack.

    13. Flowers are wasteful.

    14. Sometimes, screaming is the only way to make a point.

    15. When words aren't enough, ear pulling will do the trick.

    16. Perhaps having two girlfriends is not the best idea.

    17. Sometimes, there's nothing you can do but shake your head at life.

    18. Self-restraint is an important skill to have in life.

    19. Strippers are awesome.

    20. Eating worms is really not that big a deal.

    21. Sometimes the best way to settle an issue is by having a dance party.

    Thank you Dr. Ana María Polo for making us better people!