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    18 Ways Wilson Fisk From "Daredevil" Is The Boyfriend You've Always Wanted

    Let him be the Kingpin of your heart. FYI, spoilers ahead.

    1. The man isn't afraid to open up his hard shell and talk about his feelings.

    2. He's not pushy and doesn't force anything upon you.

    When it comes to romance, Fisk is not an asshole. That's a HUGE plus.

    3. He caters to all YOUR dietary needs.

    4. The man knows how to push the right buttons to get into your heart.

    5. When a date doesn't go 100% as planned, he's very apologetic.

    6. The man knows how to take a joke.

    Look at him laughing at her joke... inside.

    7. Want a romantic evening with a breathtaking view of the city? Fisk knows all the best spots.

    8. The man knows how to work his kitchen.

    I mean, just look how he handles that hot pan.

    9. And if you ever decide to stay over, he's considerate enough to make you breakfast in the morning.

    10. The man knows how to speak Mandarin.

    And we all know that Mandarin is sexy AF.

    11. He has the perfect dadbod.

    12. But, he still has the athletic prowess to kick Daredevil's ass.

    13. Fisk loves to cuddle.

    One of the many upsides of having a dadbod.

    14. He looks absolutely dashing in a suit.


    15. Can we take a second to appreciate Fisk's perfectly round head? Because, it's like, unbelievably sexy.

    16. This man will fight for your honor.


    Remember... this is how much he cares about you. It's actually quite romantic.

    18. And finally, when this man says he loves you...

    ...he truly means it.