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22 "Legend Of Zelda" Tattoos That Will Blow You Away

Hey listen! These are awesome.

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1. This freakishly beautiful Majora's Mask:

layzie_tbf / Via

2. This awesome sword and shield combination:

jonotattoos / Via

3. This cute tattoo of Link and Zelda:

prhymesuspect / Via

4. This 16-bit rendition of Link and Zelda:

kretes_plus48tattoo / Via

5. This hand tattoo of a hauntingly beautiful Majora's Mask:

jonnyvegastattoos / Via

6. The Skull Kid on a watercolor background:

henrrybravotattooartist / Via

7. This wonderful Triforce:

brandenxmartin / Via

8. This masterful forearm sleeve:

kayleytatts / Via

9. This batshit-insane sleeve tattoo:

itsjustbeebe / Via

10. This sad-looking Deku Link:

prhymesuspect / Via

11. This floral design of Majora's Mask:

prhymesuspect / Via

12. A linoleum print of Link and the Triforce:

alexandratattoos / Via

13. This tattoo of Skull Kid looking surprised:

chilindrina_chan / Via

14. This heartfelt tattoo of Link:

armslikewings / Via

15. A simple yet stunning Triforce back tattoo:

jas_face / Via

16. This classic Triforce back tattoo:

17. This charming tattoo of Link and Bulbasaur chillin' together:

chadreisenwebertattooartist / Via

18. This majestic 8-bit Link holding the Triforce:

brandoom / Via

19. This epic Triforce, sword, and shield tattoo:

melaninks / Via

20. This delightful piece of music:

ben_whiteraven / Via

21. This playful Triforce on watercolor splatters:

alisonrebertattoo / Via

22. And finally this tattoo that demands your attention:

thedollhousetattoostudio / Via

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