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18 Things Only Haters Will Understand

If you tell me one more time to see the glass half-full, I WILL BREAK YOUR GLASS.

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1. When your friends have a love parade over the latest show on Netflix.

Warner Bros.

I'm sorry. I don't watch stupid shows.

2. When the latest Top 40 songs keep playing over and over again EVERYWHERE YOU GO.



3. When people tell you that you should work on your attitude and stop being so pessimistic.

20th Century Fox

Ummm... how about no.

4. When teenagers talk super loud on public transportation.

Comedy Central

Teenagers suck. There. I said it.

5. When people tell you, "Oh. You're such a downer."

20th Century Fox

I'm a downer because you're annoying. Your annoyance is bringing me down.

6. When people ask you, "You're such a hater. Is there anything you DON'T HATE?!"

20th Century Fox

Pizza. I don't hate pizza.

7. When people automatically assume you don't have friends because of your haterade.


I do have friends. We hate shit. We hate you.

8. When people think they can make you mad by turning around the haterade on you and hating everything you love.

Universal Pictures

Them: "Your shirt is stupid. How does it feel to be hated on?"

Me: "Like I'm in good company."

9. When people tell you, "you're such a negative Nancy."


You're mistaken. But she sounds like a delightful person.

10. When a barrage of motivational quotes from InstaText pop up all over your newsfeed.

"How about getting an umbrella and a flashlight." – A Hater.

11. When people get in your face and call you an asshole just because you're a hater.

12. You despise people who wear sunglasses indoors.


Take them off before I smack them off.

13. You hate that dude who breaks out a guitar in the middle of a party and starts playing a John Meyer song.

Universal Studios

A law should be passed that states it's perfectly OK to break personal property on the basis of "It's annoying as shit."

14. When people say that you should learn to appreciate and respect what other people like.

New Line Cinema

I don't hate you. I just think your taste in everything sucks.

15. When people tell you to lighten up and have some fun.

20th Century Fox

Your face should lighten up and have some fun.

16. When people go "OMG! BEYONCE!"

More like FML.

17. Haters who REFUSE to accept they're haters.

Paramount Pictures

Just accept it. Stop trying to deny who you are.

18. That the best way to be a hater is to be a PROUD HATER.


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