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17 Of The Most Frustrating Moments From "The Lion King" Video Game

Hakuna matata my ass.

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The Lion King for the SNES/Sega Genesis was a fantastic Disney video game that set the standard for future movie-to-game adaptations to come.

However, as a 5-year-old who still couldn't figure out how to tie his shoes at the time, this game was a fucking nightmare.

Little did we know that this game would make for some of the most frustrating moments in childhood gaming. And here's why:


1. You couldn't figure out this godforsaken monkey throw pattern:

So, quick recap: You needed to get from Point A to Point B by having these monkeys toss you around like a volleyball. But you'd always end up back at Point A. This is before the time of easy, on-screen instructions, walkthroughs, or the internet. Apparently, you had to roar at individual monkeys so they can change direction. Only through trial and error could you figure out the key pattern to get from Point A to Point B. And it was fucking exhausting.

4. In the "Elephant Graveyard" level, you couldn't tell where these spiky bone pits were, so you'd always fall into them and die.

There are bones all over the place! How the fuck are you supposed to tell which ones are gonna kill you?


8. Having to jump UP the waterfall on logs that were coming DOWN:

For fucks sake! I remember spending an entire fucking day on this stupid "Hakuna Matata" level because of these fucking logs. You'd remain in the same spot for hours on end. Watching Simba try and hop on these logs still gives me chills to this day.


11. Accidentally catching one of these black widows:

In the game, you'd increase your health by eating these random bugs. But every once in awhile, they'd trick you by putting in a black widow, which would cause damage and your untimely death.

12. The dripping lava in the "Be Prepared" level:

This level is already difficult on its own. But these random drops of lava were the equivalent to someone flicking your nose while you're trying to take the SATs.


13. Trying to knock out these annoying bats while surfing on lava:

I. HATE. THESE. BATS. One hit from these bats, and you'd be knocked off the rock and into the lava. A very gruesome death for Simba, even by Disney standards.

14. Waiting for the lava geysers to be capped off:

This is another one of those "no instructions/before the internet" situations. As a 5-year-old kid, I didn't know WTF to do. There was nowhere to go, and nothing to indicate what to do next. Apparently, you're just supposed to hop from one geyser to another, and avoid getting hit by falling rocks and rising lava. That's it. It takes awhile but the geysers would get capped off and you'd finish the level...

But seriously, how the fuck is anyone supposed to know that?

15. The caves in the "Simba's Return" level:

There's nothing more frustrating in a video game than having to enter random doors/caves in a 2D game. You get lost very easily and don't even know which caves to enter. This level in "The Lion King" takes the cake as one of the worst.

16. The spontaneous lightning and fire in the final level:

Throughout this level, you're trying to chase after Scar, who keeps running away from battle like a coward. But you're constantly roadblocked by hyenas, lightning, and fire. This is how you ended up dying in this level.

17. And finally, defeating Scar:

This was one of those "Oh, duh!" moments. After beating the hell out of Scar, somehow, this dude would NOT DIE. It didn't matter how much you clobbered the homie, he'd get up and continue fighting. Well, if you saw the movie, you'd know how to defeat him. You're supposed to push Scar to the edge of the cliff and then throw his ass over. Not something I thought about when I was 5.