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31 Tweets About Growing Up "Hispanic" That Are Way Too Real

On Wednesday, the hashtag #GrowingUpHispanic began trending number one on Twitter. It got real.

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1. Jump house struggles:

2. El "Chaki Chis":

3. Large families:

4. Being put in check:

5. Dealing with little primos:

6. Jewelry:

7. Playing "Caballo Dorado" at family gatherings:

8. Standing up against your parents:

9. Recycling:

10. More recycling:

11. Moms talking to their friends:

12. Frijoles:

13. Parenting:

14. Medical remedies:

15. Healing powers:

16. Defense tactics:

17. Childhood obsessions:

18. This damn cookie tin:

19. Kitchen storage:

20. The dreadful soup ’n’ summer combo:

21. Seasonings:

22. This dreadful question:

23. Exaggerated accusations:

24. Television icons:

25. Piñata struggles:

26. Chismosas:

27. Phone calls with family members:

28. Public behavior:

29. Boredom:

30. McDonald's:

31. And finally, crying:

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