24 Reasons Why You Must See WWE’s Newest Superstar

“Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen, the ruthless independent wrestling icon, has officially signed with WWE.

On Tuesday, WWE announced via Twitter that they have officially signed Canadian wrestler Kevin Steen.

The signing got a positive reaction on Twitter from the wrestling world, including WWE legends Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Stone Cold Steve Austin:

The 30-year-old Québec native first made a name for himself wrestling through various independent circuits like ROH, CZW, and PWG.

One of the things that distinguishes Steen from other wrestlers today is his incredible in-ring work, performing some of the most devastating high-risk maneuvers:

1. He has a knack for busting out some marvelous back-breakers.

2. Seriously, he likes breaking people’s backs.

3. He just likes it.

5. He knows how to deliver a sick powerbomb.

6. He’ll deliver it anywhere.

8. He likes flipping his opponents onto their heads, because that’s what he does.

9. He’ll even flip them off the top rope. Steen don’t give a shit.

10. There was the time he showed everyone that a 220 pound man can still perform vicious acrobatic maneuvers.


12. That time he threw El Generico onto a ladder.

13. The time he tossed him onto a ladder.

14. And dropped his head THROUGH a ladder.

15. The time he dropped this dude’s head onto his knee.

16. And this dude’s head straight into a turnbuckle.

17. He also has a thing for stomping on people.

18. It’s just a thing that he does.

19. To everyone.

20. That includes doing this brutal curb stomp.

21. Sometimes, he’ll use his entire body as a weapon because why the fuck not?

22. Seriously, WHY THE FUCK NOT?

23. He gets very creative when it comes to steel chairs.

24. He could do a normal leg drop, but he’s KEVIN STEEN.

So, we’ll see what’s in store for Kevin Steen now that he’s joined WWE. They don’t call him “Mr. Wrestling” for nothing.

Wrestlezone have confirmed that Kevin Steen has crossed the t's and dotted the i's on his WWE contract!!!!!!!!

— GreatWrestling (@GreatWrestling)

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