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    This Video About Adoptive Mothers Will Make You Cry

    "Being a mother is something that grows from the heart."

    Leche Nido, a Nestle company, released a 3-minute film called El Otro Nacimiento (The Other Birth) just in time for Mother's Day. The video has gone viral, garnering 35,000 shares on Facebook:

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    In the film, we see a couple preparing themselves for parenthood over a series of weeks.


    "Week 15."

    We see them visit what's presumed to be a doctor's office.

    We see them tell their friends about the great news.

    And we see them preparing their future child's room.

    As the film progresses, it sneakily makes you believe that the mother is pregnant.

    But when the moment of truth finally arrives...

    ...the couple is introduced to their adoptive child.

    And they are overwhelmed with joy.


    The film ends with the message: "Being a mother is something that grows in the heart."

    The reaction to the film has been overwhelmingly positive:

    "Congratulations to all the mothers, be it biological or adoptive, sisters who take care of their young siblings, grandmothers who take care of their grandkids, aunts who take care of their nephews, whatever the case may be, congratulations to those who cared for the love of their kids."

    "My mother was a mother from the heart. Thank you mom and dad for giving me the opportunity to have you as a family..."

    "My mom and I are mothers from the heart, from different eras and for different reasons, but there is nothing better than the opportunity to be a mother."

    "That's what being a mother is all about. It doesn't matter if it's biological or not, the important thing is to feel it."

    While some brought up the fact that adoption in their native countries is still a difficult process, the film still hit home:

    Via Facebook: lecheNIDOcl

    "The video is marvelous. We wish the process of adoption in our country would be as beautiful and magical, but it's a treacherous road...Props to the mothers who put up with the process and succeed, for those who pursue the well being of those abandoned children that the government and other institutions don't seem to care about."

    Happy Mother's Day!