28 Drawings That Show What A Broken Heart Feels Like

Who’s up for some ice cream?

We asked everyone at BuzzFeed to give us their best artistic interpretation of a broken heart. These were some of the results:

1. A broken heart can feel like a giant ice machine in your chest.


2. A broken heart can cause you to go into lockdown mode while listening to angsty music.


3. A broken heart can feel like you’ve completely lost your head.


4. A broken heart will turn into stone to protect itself from the horrible disease known as “feelings.”


5. A broken heart is keeping your feelings all bottled up inside.


6. A broken heart is a sword stabbing you in the chest just before consuming booze and ice cream.


7. A broken heart is like Pandora’s Box; once it’s open, nothing but negativity spews out.


8. A broken heart can feel like listening to Beck.


9. A broken heart will make you scream at the universe. Literally.

20th Century Fox

10. A broken heart is a delicious chocolate chip cookie sinking into the depths of 2% milk.

11. A broken heart is your homeboy drifting away aimlessly into the ocean, waiting for sharks to devour it.


12. A broken heart can feel like a bunch of perfectly good lightbulbs going to waste.

13. A broken heart will make you feel empty.


14. A broken heart is a teenage girl anxious to go back in time.

Revolution Studios

15. A broken heart can feel like being in a dark room.


16. A broken heart can feel like someone ripping your heart out with their bare hands, earning a flawless victory along the way.

Warner Interactive

17. A broken heart will make you wanna dig yourself into an inescapable hole.


18. All it takes are three little characters to bring one person’s world to a screeching halt.


19. A broken heart can ruin your makeup.


20. A broken heart is like wandering around in purgatory.


21. A broken heart is watching your epic Lego creation collapse before your very eyes.

22. A broken heart is a lonely Keanu Reeves eating a Twinkie.

23. A broken heart is drinking a ton of bottled milk. Only instead of milk, it’s booze.

Warner Bros.

24. A broken heart is like getting your mind blown, BUT IN THE WORST WAY POSSIBLE.


25. A broken heart is taking the L train to the very last stop.


26. A broken heart is remembering a friend you’ve lost.


27. Ralphie’s expression says it all.

20th Century Fox

28. No explanation needed.

20th Century Fox

The best thing that can heal a broken heart is time.


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