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24 GIFs That Prove Absolutely Anything Can Happen In Sports

"Did... not see that coming." –You.

1. This hockey player who has a little trouble exiting the ice rink:

2. This dude busting some Matrix moves while catching a ball:

3. This guy who managed to save his own dunk:

4. This soccer game/MMA fight:

5. Who cares about that hit. LOOK AT THAT BAT:

6. This unfortunate accident:

Channel 4

7. This beautiful interception:

8. This goal that no one saw coming AT ALL:

Republica TV

9. This shattering foul ball:

10. This football player with a knack for soccer:


11. These professional soccer players doing their thang:

12. This guy who goes from last place to gold medal winner in a matter of seconds:

13. This guy making it to home base by any means necessary:

14. This great game of beer pong:

15. This incredibly tense face-off:

16. This karate bout that got a little out of hand:

17. This man who's about to break a skateboard – wait...

18. This wrestling bout with an unexpected third opponent:

19. This super-frustrated guy:

20. This golfer who managed to hit three balls in one swing:

21. This face shot:

22. This amazing goal:

23. This RKO from OUTTA NOWHERE:


24. And finally, some random dude catching a tennis ball:

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