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26 GIFs That'll Make You Go, "Damn! Did Not See That Coming!"

If you want to make God laugh, tell him your — OMG! THAT'S A SPIDER!

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1. This girl who will take a selfie with absolutely anything:

2. This sibling argument that escalated really fast:

3. This cat who thinks he's got this fish cornered:

4. This karate bout with an unexpected third fighter:

5. This guy who attempted gymnastics at a urinal:

6. This cat who REALLY struggled to get under the door:

7. This guy's attempt to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew:

8. This guy attempting a sick trick-shot:

9. This hand that's desperately trying to get out:

10. This dude practicing his handstand:

11. This guy who can pick up a whole tractor with his bare hands:

12. This wrestler who had to deal with outside interference:

13. This canister that makes for the perfect hiding place:

14. This baby who learned how to crawl:

15. This kid who just wants to go to bed:

16. This hat that has a mind of its own:

17. This guy who had to end the interview early:

18. This bus that's making a quick pit stop:

19. This kid who's just having fun with a glowstick:

20. This dog owner who's just having fun with a laser pointer:

21. This lady who's about to STRIKE:

22. This lovely attempt at a game of canoe water polo:

23. These dudes who are putting some rubber bands on a watermelon:

24. Wolverine going in for a manicure:

25. This dude who desperately needed help:

26. And finally, this lady with massive... uh... smile:

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