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This Video About A Mexican Ritual Will Make Your Stomach Drop

Do not watch if you're afraid of heights.

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So, you may know about "La Danza de los Voladores."

The ancient Mexican ritual consists of four to five people climbing up a 30-foot pole, and then launching themselves while still tied to the pole, slowly descending in a circular motion. There's usually one person standing at the top of the pole, playing and dancing with a flute and a drum.

While the ritual is known throughout Mexico, it's commonly associated with the Totonac people in Papantla, a city located in the state of Veracruz. The ritual was usually performed in an effort to ask the Gods to end a drought.

It's can be quite a terrifying experience for anyone fearful of heights. Luckily...

GoPro just released a first-person video of these Voladores in action, and it's quite an adrenaline rush.

View this video on YouTube

Brace yourself for some stomach-churning action and watch the whole video here:

View this video on YouTube