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Chocolate Abuelita Is The Best Hot Chocolate Ever And You Should Try It

It's getting cold. Time to bust out Abuelita.

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1. As we're approaching the holidays (and colder temperatures), there's only one thing that will keep you warm through those cold-ass nights. I'm talking about CHOCOLATE ABUELITA.

2. So, what is Abuelita? It's Mexican hot chocolate. There are many kinds of Mexican hot chocolate, but Abuelita was the one that made our childhoods awesome.


Don't lie...You always tried (and failed) to bite into that piece of chocolate.

3. Typically, you (or your mom) place the hard chocolate into a pot of boiling milk, you stir it up real good...


5. Abuelita is creamier, thicker, frothier, and contains just the right amount of sweetness. You can add a stick of cinnamon to punch up the flavor. It's bomb AF.


Abuelita also comes in powder and syrup form, but it's best to just go with the OG chocolate tablet.

8. There is nothing like coming home on a cold night to the aroma of Abuelita in the air while your mom's like, "CLEAN UP YOUR GODDAMN ROOM OR YOU'RE NOT GETTING ANY!"

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