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    19 Badass Items Only Chingonas Will Understand

    Embrace your inner chingona.

    1. This patch of honor:

    2. This cute necklace that would cut somebody:

    3. This inspirational art piece:

    4. These stickers that will help you mark your territory:

    5. These fabulous earrings:

    6. This personalized mug that will motivate you every morning:

    7. These pencils made for those who have superb handwriting skills:

    8. These humble earrings:

    9. This hat that you will wear like a crown:

    10. These necklaces made for a badass:

    11. These pencils for Xicanas with flair:

    12. This keychain that tells the truth:

    13. These delightful art prints:

    Buy them here.

    14. This tank top that will let everyone know who's in charge:

    15. These earrings of these iconic chingonas:

    Buy them here.

    16. Or these earrings of the original chingona:

    Buy them here.

    17. This brooch that's classy AF:

    18. This tote bag that honors those who came before you:

    19. And finally, this t-shirt that captures the essence of la chingona:

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