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    Posted on Dec 26, 2014

    12 Of The Greatest Cinematic Moments From "Fireplace For Your Home"

    "Stick on the Left" will always have a place in our hearts.

    1. The epic title sequence.


    Introducing us to auteur director George Ford.

    2. When the log in the back starts to blacken from the flames.


    Once you see it, you'll never be able to un-see it.

    3. When the stick on the left starts catching fire.


    Although this is one of the more memorable parts of the film, it does last A BIT too long. We'll always remember the stick on the left. :(

    4. When there's a loud pop followed by a mini-firework spectacle that occurs on the left side of the fireplace.


    It's quite intense given the relaxing tone of the film.

    5. When the flames start penetrating through the bottom of the log on the right.


    It sneaks up on you.

    6. When the stick on the left tilts onto the edge, trying to hold onto dear life.


    The beginning of the end.

    7. The most violent part of the film: the poor stick on the left snaps in half.



    8. The part when the flame breaks out from underneath the log on the right.


    Watch closely how the wood catches on fire with such grace.

    9. Even though it held on for as long as it could, the stick on the left fell from grace.



    10. When the log on the right starts losing its base on its right side.


    Keeping up with the film's theme: Nothing lasts forever.

    11. The moment when you can see the log on the right start to crumble under its own weight.


    A classic "OH SHIT!" moment. Although we never see the demise of the log on the right, we know its fate is doomed. Smart directorial choice made by George Ford.

    12. And finally, the end.


    That fade out. So hauntingly beautiful.

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