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    18 Secrets Men With Big Bellies Won't Tell You

    Spoiler: We're proud of them.

    1. When you take off your shirt in the morning, you can't help but gaze at this thing that's on your abdomen, wondering how the hell it got there.

    2. Every once in awhile you like to grab your belly, just to see how much you have to burn off at the gym.

    3. You will always try to suck your belly in, especially when you're around someone you like.

    4. Sitting down is the bane of your existence.

    5. Getting up can sometimes be a struggle because, you know, your belly is in the way.

    6. Slapping your belly is actually kinda fun and soothing.

    7. You will inevitably find yourself playing with your belly in private.

    8. Your belly can sometimes be an asshole and flat out reject your clothing.

    9. You giant belly is and will always be your first line of defense.

    10. Just because your go to the gym to lift weights doesn't mean your belly is going away.

    11. Somehow, you could totally relate to the "truffle shuffle" even if you've never done it in your life.

    12. The Pillsbury Dough Boy set a bad precedent allowing people to touch your belly for their personal amusement.

    13. Wearing tight clothing makes you want to crawl into hole and never come out.

    14. The feeling of your pants tucking into your belly is just THE WORST!

    15. After eating a big meal, you really don't want to unbutton your pants, but you do it anyways and it feels great.

    16. Your doctor will always give you a dirty look the second you take off your shirt.

    17. You totally make fun of people who have six packs.

    18. Your pot belly will inevitably become your friend, whether you like it or not.