This Japanese Blow-Up Doll "Wrestles" And It's Incredible To Watch

    Yes, you read that right. A BLOW-UP DOLL.

    This is Yoshihiko. It's quite literally an inflatable sex doll and also a Japanese wrestling superstar:

    Yoshihiko first started "wrestling" for Japanese wrestling promotion DDT (Dramatic Dream Team) back in 2004.

    Other wrestlers treat the doll as if it were an actual human being.

    Nevertheless, Yoshihiko still manages to perform some of the greatest wrestling maneuvers of all time.

    1. Like the time it pulled off this beautiful huracarana:

    2. Or this INSANE spinning huricarana:

    3. When it managed to reverse this figure four leg lock:

    4. Or when it countered this body slam with a spinning DDT:

    5. It knows how to perform a super fast moonsault:

    6. And it knows how to make its opponent super dizzy:

    7. Yoshihiko is actually incredibly strong. I mean, LOOK AT THIS BACKDROP:

    8. It's also a high flyer. When it flies, IT FLIES:

    9. Yoshihiko is by no means a saint. Sometimes it cheats by spitting poison into its opponent's eyes:

    10. Look at this running turnbuckle neckbreaker. WHAT. A. WORKER:

    11. Check out its technique on this cyclone DDT:

    12. There was the time he countered this suplex and executed one of his own:

    13. And finally, look at the sheer brutality of these piledrivers:

    14. But Yoshihiko does get a beat down every once in awhile:

    15. Serious beatdowns:

    16. Like...

    17. DAMN:

    18. But Yoshihiko, like the warrior it is, always fought back no matter what:

    19. And eventually became DDT champion in 2009 after defeating Kota Ibushi via pinfall:

    You can watch Yoshihiko's championship match IN ITS ENTIRETY here:

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