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24 "OMG!" Moments From The Live-Action "Attack On Titan" Trailer

A new subtitled version of the trailer has been released. It's awesome and horrifying at the same time.

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1. When you see the enormous wall protecting the humans from the Titans.

2. When you spot the RED SCARF!

3. When you get your first glimpse of the Colossal Titan.

This looks awesome.

4. When the Titans feast on the humans.

Intense flashbacks of Eren's mom... R.I.P.

5. When the Titans break down the walls and invade civilization.

6. When you the silhouettes of the creepy, empty-headed, but blood-thirsty Titans.

7. The first appearance of the canons being put to use.


8. When this human is yanked to its gruesome and certain death.

Just like the anime, this trailer gives me the same feeling of hopelessness for humanity.

9. When we finally see the face of this UNBELIEVABLY HORRIFYING Titan.


10. When we see this sweet Survey Corps. logo.


12. When we see the "Omni Directional Mobility" gear in action.


13. When we see Mikasa being a total badass, slicing up the back of this Titan's necks.

Now, because this is a Japanese production, they used all Japanese actors to play the characters. Therefore, some of the original German/European characters from the anime had to be modified for the film.

14. Eren in real life looks like this.


15. Mikasa looks fierce AF.


16. Captain Levi is now Shikishima.

Motoko Kusanagi

Levi's been replaced with a new character called Shikishima. To be fair, the dude comes off as a total boss in the trailer. Will he be more badass than Levi? Only time will tell.

17. Gone is Armin's beautiful blonde hair.



18. Jean looks like a total raging badass:


This casting makes perfect sense.

19. Sasha is ACTUALLY fighting instead of... well... eating.


Although it would've been cool to see her eat a steamed potato.

20. Hannes is now Souda.

21. Hange Zoë is now Hans.

Hange Zoë

The name might be different, but the spirit of the character is pretty much the same.

22. Kubal looks like a new character. But since Jun Kunimura is playing him, it's all good!

This actor quite simply... the shit.

This actor quite simply... the shit.

23. We get to see EREN AS A TITAN!

24. And finally, this iconic title screen.

Funimation, the company that acquired the distribution rights for the film, is planning to release it in the U.S. this fall. In the meantime, check out the new subtitled trailer for the film here:

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