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    Don't Read This Post If You Don't Want To Be Angry For 5.4 Seconds

    It's the small things that will make your life a living hell. H/T r/MildlyInfuriating

    1. This meal that contains one lonely shrimp:

    2. This USB port that someone has chosen to ruin for everyone else:

    3. This light that's trying to be different, I guess:

    4. This misuse of Roman numerals:

    5. This total disregard for design:

    6. This parking job:

    7. This microwave with O regard for the number 0:

    8. This label maker that has 0 regard for the letter O:

    9. This donut massacre:

    10. These public bathroom toilet paper dispensers that you have to unravel on your own:

    11. These ON/OFF buttons with an identity crisis:

    12. These tick boxes that will actually make you say "NO!":

    13. This bathroom stall that will give you a blurred version of privacy:

    14. These door handles that are quite the odd couple:

    15. This Denny's sign that's not centered:

    16. This bathroom sign that has a screw drilled into the braille:

    17. This total disregard for fellow bikers and human life:

    18. And finally, this godforsaken window: