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17 Adorably Emo Paintings Of Your Favorite Pop Culture Icons

JSalvador's SuperEmoFriends highlights the emotional side of famous characters.

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Los Angeles-based artist JSalvador spoke to BuzzFeed about the genesis of SuperEmoFriends:

"I think this reveals so much about fan culture and our emotional investments in fictional characters… They get to add to the painting with their own knowledge of the character and that mental participation makes it fun."

1. Batman


"One night at a party, I overheard my friend shout as a certain bat-like character, 'MY PARENTS ARE DEAD!' I forget the context. I was pretty drunk and laughed so hard I grabbed my sketchbook and scribbled a cute, sad bat guy."

2. Spiderman


"[Superheroes] had a fun irony to them because they were super humans with super issues but so damn cute. You just want to hug them and help them, when they should be helping you. It was the perfect creative storm."

3. Wolverine


"The most fascinating aspect is how so many people from so many different backgrounds just look at them and laugh. They laugh, they cry, they shout 'too soon!'... Sometimes people say certain paintings are too sad. But they almost always end up taking it home."

You can visit JSalvador's Etsy site here.

You can visit the SuperEmoFriends website here.

JSalvador is available for commissions. You can message him via his Facebook.

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