A Fan With Autism Gets Asked Out To Prom By Her Favorite Wrestler And It's Adorable

    Independent pro-wrestler Ace Perry asked a girl named Amanda, who has autism, to her junior prom in this adorable video.

    This is Ace Perry:

    He's an independent wrestler from Indianapolis. As you're about to see, this man has a huge heart.

    After wrestling in Clarksville, Indiana, on Friday, Ace called out a girl in the audience. Her name is Amanda, she has autism, and Ace considers her "one of his biggest fans."

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    "She messages me on Facebook, she comments on all of my stuff, she likes all my stuff, she comes up to me at intermission and she takes a picture with me every week."

    First, he sets up the question:

    A bunch of "YES!" chants break out in the crowd:

    Finally, he asks:

    Amanda gleefully responds:

    They hug it out and have this cute moment:

    And then, the room breaks out with "ACE!" chants as he walks out like a boss:

    Ace showed his appreciation for the positive reactions on Facebook:

    Facebook: ace.perry.90

    Good job, Ace!