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12 Ángeles Azules Songs That Will Make You Go, "My Childhood!"

Bust out the sonidero 'cuz we're about to have a cumbia party. ¡DE IZTAPALAPA PARA TODO EL MUNDO!

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1. "Cómo te voy a olvidar"


Memorable lyric: "Si en una rosa estas tu/ Si en cada respirar estas tu/ Como te voy a olvidar/ Como te voy a olvidar."

Upon hearing this song's iconic accordion intro, two things will go through your mind: Either A) It's time to hit the dance floor and get your cumbia on, or B) It's Saturday morning and it's time to do some housework. Either way, this is a timeless song, and the sheet music alone belongs in the Smithsonian.

3. "El Listón de tu Pelo"

Memorable lyric: "SUELTA/ El listón de tu pelo/ Desvanece el vestido sobre tu cuerpo/ Acercate a mí"

How do you tell your S.O. to take their clothes off? Just play this little diddy on that busted RCA boombox and watch those threads cascade off their bod.

4. "Sin tí no sé vivir"


Memorable lyric: "Sin ti no se vivir/ No tengo fuerzas para seguir/ No tengo fuerzas para vivir/ Sobrevivo con tus recuerdos/ Porque se que estas ahí."

This is the song that your drunk tío would cry to at the Quinceañera while still owning the dance floor with his enigmatic God-like cumbia dance skillz.


5. "17 años"


Memorable lyric: "Amo su inocencia, 17 años/ amo su errores, 17 años/ soy su primer novio, 17 años/ su primer amor."

This song is so catchy, but also kinda creepy. A grown-ass man is singing about dating a 17-year-old. He's blinded by love and praises her like a queen. But the backup singers lovingly remind us, "17 años." Still catchy AF.

6. "Mi niña mujer"

Memorable lyric: "Mujer niña mi niña mujer/ mujer niña mi niña mujer/ amor a primera vista/ amor de primera vez."

When this song comes on, you grab your dance partner and hold them a little tighter than usual. Let the ~vibes~ run through your bodies.

7. "20 Rosas"


Memorable lyrics: "Mientras estes sola/ en todos los abriles te llevare 20 rosas/ en tu cumpleaños te llevare 20 rosas/ al final y principios de año te llevare 20 rosas..."

This is the perfect song to serenade someone you truly love. All you need is an accordion, a bassist, a percussionist, a sonidero, that instrument that goes "tchtchtch-tchtchtch-tchtchtch," a hype man, about a hundred roses and you're set!


9. "Ay amor"

Memorable lyric: "Ay amor, como viste en mi corazon/ tanto amor, que te da este humilde servidor/ Te quiero mucho, te amo tanto tanto/ que mi vida la pongo a tus pies."

This is actually a great song to dance to with your S.O. after you've had about three or four shots of mezcal. Try it! You won't regret it!

10. "Las maravillas de la vida"


Memorable lyric: "Amor no quisiera herirte pues tu bien sabes cuanto te quiero/ necesitamos darle tiempo al tiempo/ porque no quiero que empecemos mal/ lo bien que lo primordial de nuestra unión es el amor/ y por ello hay que hacerlo bien para tener un bonito hogar..."

Pop this in next time you get into a fight with your S.O. Not only will it make you dance, but it'll help you take a step back and reflect on how lucky you are to be in in a relationship.

11. "Mi confesíon"


Memorable lyric: Toda mi vida estuve/ enamorado de esa mujer/ toda la vida la vi con ojos de amor/ la anhele, quize que fuera mia/ hize todo hasta donde pude/ para tener su amor/ y hoy se casa con otro/ y hoy se casa con otro.

This song is about a dude who's stuck in the friendzone and is about to watch the love of his life get married to someone else. It's hella dramatic. But you just want to grab the singer and be like, "HOMIE! Move the fuck on! (tchtchtch-tchtchtch)"

12. "Me haces falta tu"


Memorable lyric: "¿Que corazón tuviste tu?/ que fue tan capaz de olvidarse de mi/ DE MI, amor."

This is one of the more sadder cumbias on this list. It's about a dude who can't comprehend why his relationship is over (we've all been there). This slow, somber cumbia will make you either dance or cry. Or both. Probably both. Make sure you take some tissues onto the dance floor for this one.

Get your cumbia on and listen to the whole playlist here!