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19 GIFs That Prove The Robotic Uprising Will Happen Very Soon

We're all doomed.

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1. Oh no:

2. This cannot be happening:

3. Good God almighty:

4. How did we not see this coming?:

5. They're going to catch up with mankind:

6. And beat us at our own game:

7. Like, for real:

8. And they will inevitably outsmart us:


10. They're going to produce their own robo-horses. The ones they'll use for their robo-cavalry:

11. They'll use robo-snakes to plan out sneak attacks:

12. We will not be able to knock them down:

13. Before the robotic takeover, they'll play their war anthems that will instill fear in humans:

14. They are learning to talk just like us, so they can infiltrate our bases incognito:

15. They're going to transport secret weapons like this:

16. They'll be able to forge our handwriting and deliver decoy messages:

17. They will literally be able to hack into our senses and plug us into the Matrix:

18. They will have the resources to cut through stone like this:

19. When the robots build their army, it will probably look like this:


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