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What's The Absolute Laziest Thing You've Ever Paid For?

Just think of it as "investing in happiness."

With all the conveniences the modern world affords, it's easier to be lazy than ever before.

Hate physically going to the grocery store? Get FreshDirect. Hate making FreshDirect shopping lists? Get a meal plan service. Hate assembling food that comes pre-measured with instructions on exactly what the hell to do? Delivery is the answer.

But sometimes even that isn't enough. Because you have to get off the couch to receive the food, and what if you finally found the perfect cozy position? Surely your roommate could use $5 for answering the door.

So, what's the laziest thing you've ever paid for? Employed a coworker to pick up your printouts from the copy room? Slipped a friend a few bones for ordering you The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment? Had one of these beauties installed?

Or maybe you didn't pay anyone; maybe someone paid YOU to do something so utterly simple, just because they were too lazy to do it themselves.

Tell us in the comments below about the most shamefully/shamelessly lazy thing you've ever spent money on (or been given money for), and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed post.