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15 Sweary Valentine's Gifts For People Who Love To Curse

(And who love you, of course.)

1. A card for valentines who don't totally believe in Valentine's.

2. These soaking salts that need no introduction.

3. Or this delicate and demure locket to keep photos of you two.

4. A card that's both cuss-filled and complimentary.

5. Or a card that's equal parts sassy and sweet.

6. Let your lover know you're feeling frisky with this DTF candle.

7. Or snag a bracelet for your best platonic bitch.

8. Try this, er, straightforward card.

9. Or this sweary card that's still, somehow, too pure for this world.

10. Get handsy with this uncensored massage bar.

11. Or grab this card that knows the value of a beautiful mistake.

12. Show you're whipped with body butter that's for badasses only.

13. Or let her know you both respect and fear her with this "Bad Bitch" candle in various scents.

14. Ready to take things to the next level? Give them your apartment key on this amazing chain.

15. Or, if you're past that stage of commitment, it may be time to get them *the ring*.

Happy damn Valentine's Day, everyone.