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15 Sweary Valentine's Gifts For People Who Love To Curse

(And who love you, of course.)

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. A card for valentines who don't totally believe in Valentine's.

Pick it up from Baeck + Ann on Etsy for $4.72.

2. These soaking salts that need no introduction.

Pick up a jar from Damn Good Face Wash on Etsy for $15.

3. Or this delicate and demure locket to keep photos of you two.

Get it from Pumpkinseed Jewelry on Etsy for $30.

4. A card that's both cuss-filled and complimentary.

Get it from Thriftbox UK on Etsy for $3.12.

5. Or a card that's equal parts sassy and sweet.

Grab it from KissMyCard on Etsy for $3.12.

6. Let your lover know you're feeling frisky with this DTF candle.

Get one from False Hopes Products on Etsy for $25.

7. Or snag a bracelet for your best platonic bitch.

Get it from The Curated Gift Shop on Etsy for $28.

8. Try this, er, straightforward card.

Grab it from Striped Hat Studio on Etsy for $5.

9. Or this sweary card that's still, somehow, too pure for this world.

Find it at Letter Happy on Etsy for $4.

10. Get handsy with this uncensored massage bar.

Get it from Badgerface Beauty on Etsy for $6.89.

11. Or grab this card that knows the value of a beautiful mistake.

Pick one up from Studio Astrogatos on Etsy for $3.55.

12. Show you're whipped with body butter that's for badasses only.

Find a tub from Bad-Ass Candles on Etsy for $8.

13. Or let her know you both respect and fear her with this "Bad Bitch" candle in various scents.

Pick one up from Etta Arlene on Etsy for $8.99.

14. Ready to take things to the next level? Give them your apartment key on this amazing chain.

Get one from Lily Pickford on Etsy for $15.

15. Or, if you're past that stage of commitment, it may be time to get them *the ring*.

Pick one up from Neoromantica on Etsy for $35.24.

Happy damn Valentine's Day, everyone.