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15 Recommended Ways Your Phone Can Help You Sleep Better

Featuring podcasts, apps, and other things that will send you to dreamland.

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1. The Twilight app:

"This app darkens your screen according to the time of day and doesn’t take up a lot of battery. It used to take me at least an hour to fall asleep after being on my phone, but now I’m usually out within 10 minutes." — Erinmm

Android users can get the app (free) here. iPhone owners can use their built-in feature to reduce sleep-inhibiting blue light.


3. ASMR videos:

View this video on YouTube

"They help me to get to sleep! You can convert them to MP3s if you want pure sound, though many have a visual relaxation factor as well as aural." — Brook Townsend, Facebook

4. A bedtime alarm (on or off your FitBit):

"It's easy to get caught up in Netflix or the internet and all of a sudden it's midnight and you're facing a morning of exhaustion, but setting a reminder to stop using screens and start getting ready for bed really helps." — Bonnie Cleveland Evans, Facebook

6. A sleepytime playlist (made or borrowed):


"Create a playlist of your favorite soft songs to fall asleep to. Listening to the same music every night trains your body to sleep when it hears those songs. I have been doing this for at least five years now, and it works great for me!" — madnay25


9. Guided meditation videos that quiet your inner noise:

View this video on YouTube

"I search 'guided meditation' on YouTube and fall asleep meditating. It has changed my life." — nicoleb41059fb99


11. The Joy of Painting:

View this video on YouTube

"Watching all the happy little clouds and big old trees appear on the canvas one by one, accompanied by Bob Ross’s soothing voice, never fails to make all the random thoughts in my head that keep me awake all night fade out." — sepp123

12. The Relax Melodies app:

"This app allows you to play pretty much any sound that one can find soothing (and set a timer for how long you want it). I personally listen to the 'wind in trees' sound for two hours, but end up falling asleep in less than 20 minutes. " — lau81

Get it on iTunes or Google Play (both free).

13. The Sleep Cycle app:

"This app lets me enter various variables (like whether I had coffee, alcohol, or tea that day, whether I'm stressed, how much activity I did, etc.), then keeps track of my wakefulness throughout the night, combines it with weather/air pressure/moon phase data, and tells me what factors are affecting my sleep." — Amy Yacullo, Facebook

Find Sleep Cycle on iTunes (free) or Google Play ($0.99).


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