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15 Pieces Of Rain Gear That Are Actually Cute

The weather may be awful, but you can still look great.

1. Glittery boots to help you sparkle, even when you're soggy.

2. A ferocious animal print umbrella for cool cats.

3. This too-cute clear and spotted coat.

4. These zigzag boots with plenty of pizzazz.

5. A pop art-inspired umbrella.

6. A coat for when it's only raining cats (you bring the dogs).

7. These Nickelodeon slime-colored booties to take you all the way back.

8. An umbrella that changes color when it's wet.

9. A trench that shows off your wild side.

10. These flower-strewn duck boots.

11. This dot-tastic umbrella with just the right amount of gilt.

12. An iridescent windbreaker to ensure you keep shining.

13. Bold zebra-print boots for the brave.

14. A trusty dome umbrella with some added color.

15. And finally, a floral rain jacket for spring? Groundbreaking.

Might as well enjoy it, right?

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