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19 Painfully Honest Cards For Your Very Human Valentine

For the one you love...sometimes, at least.

1. This absolute truth.

2. This great equalizer.

3. This culinary realness.

4. This little relief, because it's really cold this time of year...

5. ...and because you're slowly turning into Wolverine.

6. This reminder of adult responsibilities.

7. This foul flirtation.

8. These frumpy frills.

9. This adorable abbreviation of the dishwasher loading technique you've gone over about 600 times.

10. This best attempt at kindness because you know they can't help it, but...

11. This all too familiar fuckery.

12. This sexy snoring fakeout.

Here it is.

13. This subtle reminder.

14. This helpful dino for when you can't choose just one thing to pick on...

15. ...and this promise to love them with all your fa– I mean, heart.

16. This impassioned statement about your fairytale romance...

17. this, let's face it, serious sacrifice.

18. And finally, this ode to not even needing other people...

19. ...because honestly, you're happy just to have each other.

Happy Valentine's Day, you wonderfully flawed beings!

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