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11 Beautiful And Actually Doable Ways To Display Your Books

Your books deserve it, don't you think?

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1. Find a color that calls to you, and build on it for a cohesive look.

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Have art or other housewares featuring a color you'd like to highlight? Maybe your existing shelves could use a new coat of paint to match, or vice versa.

2. Use a single large focal point to draw eyes to your collection.

Instagram: @magdalenamoscu

If art on your shelves isn't your style, what about art between your shelves? This canvas looks incredible as the centerpiece in the middle of all that reading material. You can find a range of unique prints and more through Apartment Therapy's list of the best places to buy affordable art online.

3. Give whimsical wood crate shelving a shot.

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If traditional shelves aren't for you, try stacking vintage-style wooden crates instead. You can find crates a Michael's, left to finish however you like — but sorry, no cute dog included.


4. Or try mounting a ladder instead.

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Don't despair if you can't fit one of those sweet rolling ladders like in Beauty and the Beast in your house; you can get a similar look by using part of an old wooden ladder, mounted horizontally, to hold your books instead. Learn the DIY logistics at Instructables.

5. Tack string lights along your shelves to give your tomes a little glow.

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What prettier, simpler way to literally highlight your prized collection? Line your shelves with the Christmas lights you already have hanging around, or pick some up on Amazon.

6. Create the perfect fit.

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Awkward nooks in your house are perfect for improvising a set of "built-ins." Let the shelves fill the architectural gap, and your tomes (arranged in whichever direction/s you'd like) do the rest. Many hardware stores offer free wood cutting services, so that you can get the dimensions just right.

7. Embrace lovable clutter.

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So, you're never going to live in one of the minimalist loft spaces that fill your favorite interiors Instagram. Lean into it, and make your bookshelves more fun by showcasing your tchotchkes, too.


8. In fact, why don't you mix in some plants?

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There are plenty of reasons to keep plants in your living space — air quality, stress reduction, etc. — but most obviously, they just make a home look interesting and inviting. So pick up a few hard-to-kill buds at your local nursery, hardware store, or farmer's market, and get growin'.

9. Organize yourself a readable rainbow.

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Some people organize their books by author or genre; others prefer them ordered by color, for aesthetic or practical reasons, and that's fine too. Don't hate.

10. Give humdrum shelves textural appeal with the help of baskets.

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Have magazines or comics that don't fit your standard shelves quite right? Woven baskets are a great way to keep them safe, organized, and cute as hell. You can find a number of styles that won't break the bank at Ikea.