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17 Dramatic Celebrity Eyebrow Evolutions Of 2015

Henceforth known as "Year of the Bush."

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1. Kendall Jenner

The model's newly full brows may have been the largest amount of (non-head) hair seen on a Victoria's Secret runway in years — and we aren't mad at them for it.

2. Adele

Turns out the singer wanted to meet up with her ex so badly just so she could show him how fierce her brows look lately. Solidarity, girl.

4. Aja Naomi King

How to Get Away with Murder actress King elevated her fuzzy face framers in 2015, squaring them off with a healthy dose of brow mascara.

5. Mindy Kaling

Everyone's favorite Dunder Mifflin customer service rep-turned-OBGYN changed the shape of her brows this year and added some more color.

9. Janelle Monae

The archandroid has lovingly cultivated her always amazing arches into a whole new kind of face framing flyness. Have mercy.

12. Maisie Williams

Williams has always been naturally beautiful, but really stepped her Game up this year with a full on Cara D look.

13. Tracee Ellis Ross

Comedian Ross went low maintenance and lovely this year with grown in brows that don't even need pencil to be perfect.

15. Eva Longoria

Real Housewives star Longoria got a few new things this year, but we'll rank a fiancé and role on Telenovela behind those flawlessly filled in brows. Get it, girl!

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